What’s the Word #1: Cover Reveal and New Goals for 2018 (#amwriting #fiction)

Hello, 2018.

Welcome, Friends!

I am excited for my short story collection Mindful Things: Tales From a Tilted World coming out in February. It has been a year and a half in the making. This writing journey has taken me back to what I love. The writing peers I have come to know have helped me to become a better writer, editor, and beta reader.

A new year deserves new goals:

  1. Cover reveal on the new author page
  2. Share in blog posts my writing process and tips
  3. Feature guests posts from fellow scribes
  4. Self-publish Mindful Things on CreateSpace
  5. Write more directed short stories and submit to online publications
  6. Write at least one story or new novel chapter per week
  7. Go live with video screen capture

Are you ready?

I am excited, proud, nervous, elated…

Thank you to a very talented photographer from my hometown, Tara-Marie Harding, for the generous use of the photo she took of my cousin Tracey.  This cover photo was among a lot of beautiful shots which inspired me to shove aside the self-doubt and to collect all my story-babies and to put the out into the world.

This process of dream to book all started with a vision of my own cover.

The journey begins one word at a time.

Photo: Tara-Marie Harding Photography


Curious minds want to know:

Readers and Scribes, what topics or questions would you like to see featured on this blog?

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