Make It Work #2: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Edit (#scrivener #selfpublishing #amwriting)

Errors are like holiday tinsel.  No matter how many times you sweep, pluck, and industrial vacuum you are guaranteed to find tinsel popping up in July.

Yesterday, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get formatting right for Createspace. I have some minor book cover tweaks to do and I was planning on making another video. I shrink the book pages in word down to 6 x 9 and I take a glance to fix the formatting glitches.  What do I find?

A missing word in Acknowledgments.

Then a misspelled “story-specific” word.

Missing commas and hyphens.

At least three misspelled words.

How did that period go missing?

I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve read it, and have missed these things. Of course, this is after I sent my readers what I thought was a pretty polished copy. Well, that’s what happens when you DIY for the first time. It’s okay.  I learned that something as simple as changing the margins and line spacing in your document makes you see it in whole new way.

Got to find that silver lining right?

After going line by line and fixing and shifting and adjusting, I think I have a near print-ready copy.  Now I must finish the cover. I’ve run into a problem. Of course, I did. Canva is not cooperating with the template with CreateSpace. No fear, I a moving on to Gimp. Once I figure it out, I will try to get that video up on how I made a DIY cover for my book.

It should only take a few hours and the rest of my brain power. Onward and forward!


Inquiring minds want to know:

What wrenches have the fates thrown at your project lately?


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