Make It Work #3: Designing Decisions Poll (#selfpublishing #amwriting)


Hey friends and scribes, come take a poll and choose a cover design for Mindful Things.

After some compressing and re-compressing, I finally got the CreateSpace template for my book shrunk from 30kb to 23 kb. It had to be under 25kb to upload to Canva.   While I did create a cover using Gimp (which is free and more flexible; it’s similar to Photoshop), I wasn’t pleased with the substitute font I used. If you are familiar with Photoshop and want ultimate control over minutiae use Gimp (download it, open up the template for your book, and go crazy). If you are a beginner and need simpler controls, quick use, and free templates then Canva is a great option.  You create and account and use it online; no downloading needed.

I will make that video tutorial on how created my full cover in the next day or two. However, because I have to make commentary, I have to wait until my kids aren’t home. They call me for something every .054 nanoseconds.  For now, I am curious as to which color spine on the cover design you think work best. Don’t worry about the “overlay” that will be trimmed and cropped.

Take a look at the samples below (click for a larger image) then vote for your favorite and share your thoughts.

View It

Vote It

Inquiring minds want to know:

Will you design your own cover or hire a graphic designer?


Photo used with generous permission from:  Tara-Marie Harding Photography


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