Make It Work #4: Using Canva to Create a Free DIY Book Cover (#selfpublishing #amwriting)

Greetings, Friends and Scribes

My kids are in school and I have half an hour before half-day kindergarten is done. This morning, after refereeing a disagreement between the dog and one of our cats, I created a video to show you how I made my own book cover using Canva. It is a free-to-use tool with an incredible number of options. It does have a paid portion, but a beginner doesn’t need those.

Canva doesn’t have a large learning curve, so it is perfect for the novice. If you are a photoshop lover or have some experience with it, then you can use Gimp (free; open source) to get the feel of Photoshop without the price tag.

Want to know what the key elements of a genre book cover are?  Check out this article at Writer’s Workout by Cayce Osborne: Let’s Talk About Book Covers. She breaks it down to the clear and simple facts.


Gimp vs. Canva

Inquiring minds want to know:

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Photo used with generous permission from:  Tara-Marie Harding Photography


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