Make It Work #5: Import and Split Word Doc into Scrivener Easy (#selfpublishing #amwriting)

Salutations, Friends and Scribes!

When I first got Scrivener, I did a lot of processes by hand. I cut and pasted from word into Scrivener or Google Docs to Scrivener.  Just thinking about going back and forth gives me a headache.  However, I learned how to manage that process more efficiently. I’ve made a video (see below) to show you how.

The trick?

Keep it simple; keep it consistent.

That is: don’t put all your fancy font and layout work in from the get go.  Instead, use chapter headings and subheadings, separate your sections consistently using whatever method you prefer.

For example use either symbols (***) or double spaces in a single space document to denote sections.  This will make import and export simple, and set you up for using Macro’s for pesky jobs like setting up a Table of Contents or deleting double spaces after periods.

I use “find and replace” to automate the process and use Scrivener’s “Import and Split” option.  After that, how you arrange your files is up to you. You can go all out and deep organize or keep it loose until you are ready for that final proof.

Inquiring minds want to know:

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What’s your style? Google Docs, Scrivener, Word Processor, or all of them?


10 thoughts on “Make It Work #5: Import and Split Word Doc into Scrivener Easy (#selfpublishing #amwriting)

    1. I use Scribner to draft stories. It allows me to break up scenes, move them easily, add scenes or chapters without sorting about remembering chapters. I don’t have to worry about format while I work since I can work with comic sans size 30 in rec, and export in any font or size without changing my personal work prefetencrd. It also holds all notes, character sketches, or other research in one place so I don’t need multiple Windows. I use Google docs only for sharing or doing work offsite.

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