Make It Work #6: Export from Scrivener to Word Easy with Macro Magic (#selfpublishing #writingtips #amwriting)

Hello, Friends and Scribes!

Exporting from Scrivener without headaches.  Can it be done? Yes, yes it can. Check out the video below which shows you how to export a basic print book document, how to adjust it, and then use a macro to take care of all the pesky tedium of headings with one click (Making Scrivener Behave with Word’s Table of Contents with a Macro)

I won’t go into how many bags of Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish I went through when I was first learning the process of import and export with Scrivener. I muddled through because working with such a long document in word was becoming cumbersome, especially when I decided to move Chapter 4 down to Chapter 23. The thought of that renumbering nightmare keeps me up at night.

If you follow the “keep it simple; keep it concise” rule I showed you in my Import and Split tutorial, exporting should be a breeze. Of course, there will sometimes be minor formatting glitches. However, your sanity will remain intact if you have to adjust a handful rather than 92 instances. Amiright?

Mindful Things will be up for pre-order soon. Are you excited?


Er…I’m…going to need a Sam’s Club box of Swedish Fish.

Inquiring minds want to know:

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