Make It Work #12: Pantser Edition — Self-Editing Demonstration (#selfpublishing #writingtips #amwriting)

Hello, Friends and Scribes!

What?  Another video.

Of course. I should be writing and here I am procrastinating.


I try to follow checklists and protocols and outlines and storyboards, and I inevitably skid off the tracks and end up in orbit. This means that my stories need different sorts of editing.  I have no idea if this is common, but it’s me.

Such is the way of #pantserproblems

I have wasted so much time trying to make myself be what I thought I should be that I lost sight of the valuable skills I have that work with the way I write and learn. It is much like the day I discovered that I wasn’t doing math wrong or weird, I was using number sense to figure out a problem that I found difficult to do the way I was told. Am I a math genius? Heck, no. I do math the way that works for me, and as I get comfortable I am able to try something new and enjoy it. There’s no one breathing down my neck to tell me to “learn binary” (I play an app!)

Write your story.

As you edit, keep in mind that your draft isn’t crap. It’s a draft; it’s a start; it’s tangible; it shouldn’t be perfect. Editing can be where you really let out the creative beast. Editing can be fun. Yeah, I said it. You just have to find out what part of editing taps into what you love about your writing.

Want to see how I edit? Check out the video.


Tids and Bits: Hey, when I first started making these screen-cast videos it would take me five hours to create and process. I had to keep restarting because I kept tripping over my tongue.   Now, it takes me an hour and a half to create the unscripted one-take video, edit, and craft the thumbnail.  I’ve learned how to trip on my tongue, pause for a few seconds to “mark” my place, and then edit out the sneezes, coughs, dog barks, and the occasional, “Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!”   (If I don’t finish before my kids gets home).


Inquiring minds want to know:

How do you edit?



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